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Policies - Liability

 Makeup/hair Artist shall provide Services with reasonable care and skill. Artist shall perform the Services promptly on the date and time agreed. All makeup brushes, makeup products and hair tools are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every client requiring services. Makeup products used are high quality, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.  Any skin conditions should be reported by the client to the artist prior to application, and if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin totest reaction. Client(s) agree to release the artist(s) from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions.


Appointment Prep

Please exfoliate your face the night before and wash your face the morning of, you should not have any makeup on your face. You may apply moisturiser as needed.

(Do not change your skin routine or products within 3.5 weeks before the wedding because that is how long it takes for the skin to resurface if there are any reactions from new products.)


Wedding Contract

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